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Hello! Congratulations on your engagement! You have the guy and the ring, now to plan the most amazing party! You know first thing you have to do is call your girls because you have been dreaming of this party together forever. WAIT 1 MINUTE!

I want to give you some advice that will help your wedding be more enjoyable and probably strengthen your relationships with your bridesmaids!

5 Ways To Show Your Bridesmaids Your Appreciation | Wedding Wisdom

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A First look seems to be a trend that is not going away, and I am so happy because there are soooo many benefits!!! Benefits such as: a private time with your soon-to-be spouse before the craziness of the day (it is sweet and relieves nerves), you get to spend more of your day with the one you love the most, more time with your guests (because you don’t have to make them wait after the wedding to see you), it helps with the flow of the day so much, and you get MORE photos….like a lot more!  I will do a whole blog about that later.

First Looks from the Groom’s View | Wedding Wisdom