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Dating Anniversary and Paris | Personal

October 29, 2019

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Dating Anniversary and Paris | Personal


8 years ago today was a defining moment that showed me that Natraj was the best man in the world and someone I should love. I remember it like it was yesterday, and we’ve been together ever since.

We’ve been dating for 8 years, married for 3ish, and I hope for at least 50 more.

Happy Anniversary Natraj! I love you!

While we were on our belated honeymoon in Paris this month, we had sunrise photo session on the Trocadero with the lovely and talented Anaïs of Anaïs Guerlin photographie . In an effort to document this dream come true and our belated honeymoon with more than a selfie stick, we contacted Anaïs. If you are traveling to Paris you should call her! She is so fun and easy to work with. She is from France but she speaks great English. We had breakfast with her and her sweet husband while we were there. Natraj and I both left smiling because there is such a joy for life and kindness for others that exudes from both of them. The sites in Paris are packed with people all day and night, even in the shoulder seasons like Ocotober. In order to get photos without people (or few people) in your shots, you have to do photos at sunrise. Keep that in mind for when you are planning your shoot.

Shout out to my sweet husband!

Four stamps in the passport in three years, my hubby is keeping his vows! He did an incredible job finding us tickets, planning the travel, and navigating public transportation. It allowed me to relax and just enjoy the moment.

Also, I just love how handsome Natraj is (below) in his Mr. Rogers sweater!

Also, I’ll be posting more photos and tips from our trip to Paris, Rome, and Venice soon.


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