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Lauren James of The Olive Shoe Paperie and Goods | Vendor Highlight

March 5, 2019

Featured on the blog today is Lauren James of  The Olive Shoe Paperie and Goods ! She creates invitations, stationery, and all things printed for weddings and parties. She is a total gem and I am SUPER excited to have her on the blog today! We met through Junior League in Anderson and I have enjoyed getting to know her while loving on our community. She is crazy talented and I just had to let you know about her.





Tell me a little about you and your business: My elevator pitch: The Olive Shoe Paperie and Goods is a small stationery boutique specializing in custom invitations and stationery. Let us help you celebrate or find a surcee for yourself or someone you love! The longer version: The Olive Shoe is a serving dish, a gift from my Grandma, that is literally an olive dish shaped like a high heel. I love that it is artful, whimsical and functional. I doodled it as a logo/company name one day and it just kind of started there. The small business itself is a dream come true (via lots of hard work, maybe not blood but definitely sweat and tears! haha). It also has a constant to-do list, a long term vision, a never ending list of goals, and my brain never stops coming up with ideas (and thankfully, neither do my clients!) It began as a blog – a creative outlet during a particularly difficult time in my life – and slowly, over the last five years, my customers have built the business through their requests and custom orders. It has been a very organic development, and I am taking a giant leap into full-time self employment as of March 15 after nearly ten years in corporate America and 20+ working for other people in the service industry, small business, non-profit and international manufacturing. It’s exhilarating and terrifying all at once.  

Why choose a personal invitation designer over using an online company? How is the experience different?

Well, you nailed it in the 4th word: personal. Personalized, custom, bespoke – however you say it – means that the experience AND product will be unique to each client. The experience is different because it IS personal. I genuinely care about each client’s style, vibe, and vision for their big day – or small day. YOUR DAY. Your style. Your colors, your wording, your details, your priorities and preferences. You envision it. I do my darndest to put it on paper in a way that is beautiful and celebratory and unique to your occasion within a budget you have set forth. 

What does that process look like?

For weddings and major events, the process almost always starts with a consultation either in person or via phone. I have done it a couple of times via email, but it’s really not as effective. Once we have discussed my process and your initial preferences, I send a recap and the client pays a deposit to hold their event date on my calendar. I only take a certain number of weddings per month. Then we iron out a timeline suited to the event. I make notes and then I begin to work on a first round of proofs. We go through the proofing process, I make quotes based on design preferences, and we refine the design until the client is happy with both the design and the print price. There are SOOOOOO many options and variables that can change the price and the design, so setting a price from the start is difficult until we get into the meat of the project and really start to refine that design. I can give ballparks based on previous projects and experiences so clients have an idea of what they will be paying, but it’s not really nailed down until we go to print. However, I never, ever send anything to print without agreement on the pricing. Variables include: printing process (digital, foil stamp, thermography, letterpress), paper choices (color, thickness, finish: smooth, eggshell, felt, linen, cotton…), envelope choices (single, double, size, material, color), embellishments (twine, ribbon, belly bands, pockets, wax seals, envelope liners, etc.), number of pieces (Invitation, RSVP Card, Details Card, etc.), and more… Then of course there is the proofing process and then we send to print! I work with several local printers and a handful of national printers and vendors who specialize in fine stationery. 

What is it about your work that you love so much?

Celebration! There is so much joy in this work. Not only do I love creating beautiful paper and print products for my clients, but I love having the opportunity to celebrate with them! New marriages, new homes, new babies, new jobs, new companies, first birthdays, fifth birthdays, fortieth birthdays, ALL the birthdays!


Tell me something interesting about yourself:

Gah, this question is always hard. I’m really just a big nerd. I can say the alphabet backwards really fast? Does that count? I’ve been making warning labels (as in, “Don’t stick your hand in the blade” for nearly ten years for an international power tool manufacturer. I know more about tools than I ever thought I would ever know. People think that’s a weird job. I have to admit, I didn’t even think about it being a job someone actually does until I was hired to do it. haha


How do people contact you?

My cell phone number is 864.221.6554. Feel free to call or text anytime. (My phone goes to ‘Do Not Disturb’ after a certain hour, so if I don’t answer, I’ll call you back!) You can also email me at, visit the website:, or stop by the new shop at 2710 N. Main Street, Anderson, SC 29621. 


I’m @theoliveshoe and @lac.james on Instagram. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter (@olive_shoe). My landlord, a fellow lady boss and fab entrepreneur and I also just started a podcast. You can find us on iTunes: {Behind} The Pink Door or (Insta) @pinkdoorposse or Is that enough ways? HAHAHA Like I said, I’m

a big nerd. 

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