Lucas + Ashley | Wedding

  1. Savannah Touchet says:

    Beautiful pictures, sweet post, and gorgeous bride!

  2. Peggy Ake says:

    These are my cousins. My husband and I have done some wedding photography and have seen a professional in action at a wedding. These photos touched my heart. The caring of the photography team shows in the photos. They joy, tears of joy, quiet moments and all the special moments you can capture are here in these photos. I also love the few black and white photos mixed in with the rest. The bride was so beautiful and the groom is very handsome. I’m very impressed that you have shared such a lovely post online and shared your photography for others to see how special a wedding can and should be. It reminded me so much of my wedding to my soulmate nearly 34 years ago. What a beautiful, thoughtful post to honor the family. Thank you so much! God Bless You!

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