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January 28th, 2017 was and is my favorite day of all time! Today marks two years since Natraj and I said I do all dressed up in front of all our friends and family.

So much has happened in the past two years and I am so glad that I have the gift of doing life together with Natraj. This year we moved to Anderson SC and bought our first home! We absolutely love our 121-year-old bungalow even though it is a lot of work. We traveled to India and had our wedding reception there. We loved meeting all of his extended family and I loved learning more about my sweet husband’s childhood. Some of our other changes: we found a new church, Natraj got a promotion, we have made new friends, we have been learning how to invest money, Marie Kondo-ed the WHOLE house, and Natraj added me to his soccer fantasy league (P.S. I’m winning!).

I think that this last season has been the first time that when I think my family, I immediately picture him and me. My parents and siblings are all very close so it may have taken me longer than some, but it was a sweet feeling when I said my family and immediately thought about just us and our dog.

Two years into marriage and seven and a half into our relationship, I love that I am still surprised by him sometimes. BTW, my husband has A-mazing dance moves you will likely never see.

I also love that my respect for him as a man and partner continues to grow. I am acutely aware of how blessed I am that God allowed me to have such a wonderful person as my partner.

So today I am sharing photos from our anniversary session by Christi Johnson of Kingsbridge Photography. She is a wonderful friend and I’m thankful to have photos to document this season of life.

Happy Anniversary Natraj!