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Featured on the blog today is Chris + Callie’s Lake Hartwell engagement session!

Callie was one of my very first friends I ever made when I moved to SC when I was 10-years-old, and I felt like I was 10-years-old all over again when she asked me to be her wedding photographer! I was just thrilled to death.  Not only is she beautiful, her wedding is going to be at a unique location (you’ll see late this summer), but she is marrying a man who really truly loves her.

Lake Hartwell Engagement Session | Chris + Callie

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Matt + Christi were married on 7.17.17, on a warm Monday morning at The Lake House at Lake Carolina in Columbia, SC. As I drove Christi to her first look with Matt, she was squealing with joy and freaking out in the best way. You see, Matt and Christi decided to save themselves physically for marriage. They put up safeguards to insure that they would remain pure during their courtship, and the biggest one was that they would not kiss before their wedding day.  They decided to share their first kiss during their private first look on the lake. As I drove Christi to meet Matt, she was just SO excited to finally kiss him. She had waited her whole life for this day.  I do not think I have ever had the privileged of photographing a more excited bride!

The Lake House at Lake Carolina, Columbia SC Wedding | Matt + Christi