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Wyche Pavilion Greenville SC Engagement | Mike and Tara

November 21, 2019

Wyche Pavilion Greenville SC Engagement | Mike and Tara

Featured on the blog today is Mike and Tara’s engagement session. We went back to the place where he proposed to her for their session in downtown Greenville SC at the Wyche Pavilion. If you haven’t been down there is a beautiful hollowed out old mill that sits next to the river and in downtown Greenville SC. It is a popular location for elegant weddings.

As soon as I met this couple I liked them a lot. They are absolutely precious and a joy to be around. They love traveling, happy hour, and hanging out together. They met in college at Clemson University. Go Tigers! Mike actually liked Tara all through college but they were just friends. A year after Mike graduated they started talking and now have been together for about four and a half years. It makes me so happy he finally got the girl he had always wanted (insert heart eyes!)!

Mikes proposal to Tara is like something out of a Hallmark movie. He took a walk in downtown Greenville to decide where he wanted to do it. He already had the ring (and it is beautiful!). They are both romantics so he obviously wanted to make a perfect plan.  He decided on the Wyche Pavilion and saw a photographer there. He asked him if he could be back there that evening at a specific time. He said he would. He then walked up to the park and saw a saxophone player and asked if he would be willing to play in the Wyche Pavilion that evening. He said yes and Mike went back to work.

That evening they went to Soby’s for a drink and then took a walk. They heard music so they followed it down to…you guessed it. They sat in one of the big window openings listening to the music and Mike started talking about their shared history and love of their life together, and then he got down on one knee as asked her the big question. Tara cried and said yes. It was then she noticed a photographer with a telephoto lens outside the pavilion. He had captured their special moment in real time and she had no idea. I just love their story and the effort that Mike went through to make this moment special for Tara. #relationshipgoals

I hope you enjoy scrolling through their engagement session. It is one of my favorites!

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