Plus Size Bride – Episode 1: Finding A Wedding Dress

  1. Cheryl Walters says:

    You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Inside and out!!!

  2. Melissa Crawford says:

    I love these pictures! You are freaking gorgeous. The dress, your makeup, the colors, January! Have you considered dying and/or altering your dress to wear to another event? Or even just a super swanky, romantic anniversary photo shoot???

  3. Laura Rigdon says:

    I never read blogs because, let’s be honest, I don’t know how to find them -aka:computer illiterate
    Anyhow, I’m glad I found this because I just want to let you know that you are beautiful, sweet and one of the most precious people I know. I’m so glad you didn’t give up and on this way and so many more ( you’re super talented) you are an encouragement to many, a “light”, if you will. Love you sweet girl and your family!
    P. S. Please don’t respond here, I may never find my way back to your blog 😂😂- I hope you have an awesome, inspiring day every day. ❤️- miss Laura

  4. Lori Worley says:

    Love this post, Sara. Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggle to find "the dress" so transparently.
    I think you already know how I feel about you so I won’t get too "sappy" on you here 😉 You are beautiful and you are special and I love you dearly 💗.

  5. Bridgett says:

    You are a beautiful young woman Sara. I want you to always remember that. I wish the world realized that beauty comes in more than a size 0. Natraj is a wonderful man. We are so excited to have him in our family. Always remember that He never saw size. He saw your heart, natural beauty, inner beauty, kindness, faith and love. Thank you for sharing your story so honestly. It is hard to open up sometimes but it just might give someone else the confidence they might be looking for. Both Uncle Brandon and I love you very much!

  6. Debbie Crutchfurld says:

    You know that God had it all planned so so you could fin the dress on that day. Your story made me cry. Yes, you are very lucky. Natraj is a wonderful young man and we are glad he is now part of the family. We love you both.

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