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November 1, 2017

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                                                      CLEMSON vs. CAROLINA GAME 2012

                                                     CLEMSON vs. CAROLINA GAME 2012

This weekend my sweet husband Natraj and I celebrated 6 years of being together!

I met Natraj May 2011 at Clemson University. I was finishing my undergrad degree at Clemson University and he was working on his masters (and eventually his PhD).  He liked me pretty early on but I just thought of him as a friend. It took him three months to tell me he liked me. Eventually he wore me down and I fell for him…and I fell hard.

Seriously though, who could blame me? He is adorable and the sweetest man on the planet. How it started…Natraj lived in the apartment complex next to mine and he and his roommates would invite me over for dinner all the time. I love Indian food and the boys were A-mazing chefs…but then he stepped it up a notch. In between my classes he would show up and walk me to my next class. I would walk home from the campus library late at night and I would call him when I was scared. He would always answer and talk with me until I got to my door. I was also afraid to get on the wrong bus, and he taught me how to use the CAT bus system. Everyday he was just excited to be with me and he constantly found cute ways to let me know. I had never felt so special or adored in my life. He was basically Prince Charming! Every girl should be treated so well. We still love just being together, and I am more in love with him six years later! 

Natraj and I were watching a movie last night and there was one quote that stood out to us. In the movie, Julie is explaining to her son what love is and she says, “When somebody says they love you it means they see something in you they think is worth something… and it adds value to you.”

We just looked over at each other when she said that because that is exactly the way we feel. Loving each other has been an experience of being truly “seen,” and that being so deeply loved has brought value to our lives. 


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