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Downtown Greenville SC Engagement Session | Dustin + Brooke

October 3, 2019

Downtown Greenville SC Engagement Session | Dustin + Brooke

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

I don’t know if you’ve heard this phrase before but October is to photographers what April is to accountants. It is so true! It is the best time of year so people either want to get married or have their photos taken for Christmas cards. It is honestly my happiest time of year because I get to do what I love and document people just about every single day. All I have to say is life is really really good. However, shooting means editing so you many not see me in a social situation for a while. Let’s do friendsgiving when I’m finally caught up and delivered everyone’s photos in November.

Anyways, enough about me! Today I am sharing one of my sweet couple’s engagement photos. These two were a joy to photograph. I am looking forward to shooting their wedding in April at Charlyn Farms. They drove hours to be photographed and I just had the best time with them. I’m excited to share this adorable Falls Park session with you, but here is a little about the couple:

Featured on the blog today is Dustin and Brooke’s engagement session. They met online and instantly fell in love. When I asked them why they chose the other as their life partner, they both separately talked about the other’s kindness and selflessness. I mean Dustin did make a comment about Brooke being hot too…but that’s to be expected. 🙂

Brooke was very kind to leave a review on The Knot for me after their engagement session. I am going to share it here…


knot review

She is very kind just like Dustin says. I cannot wait document their big day and to tell their beautiful story though photos.

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