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Toccoa GA Anniversary Session | Caleb + Sarah

September 26, 2019

Toccoa Georgia Anniversary Session | Caleb + Sarah

Hi!!! Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!

Today on the blog I have an anniversary session with a couple taken at the location of their elopement 15 years later with their family. Did you get all that?

One of my best friends and her hysterical husband are on the blog today. I remember one day during my senior year of high school when my friend Sarah called me and told me about how she eloped with her fiancé when he was home from basic training. She told me in detail about the adventure and how happy she was to be married to Caleb. I can honestly say that 15 years later she is still as obsessed with him as she was then! They are so cute together and I love how they make each other laugh.

Sarah told me she was always sad she didn’t have any photos of them on the day they were married other than the one of them with the judge (she is so thankful for that one though!). When we were discussing her shoot for this year she asked me if I’d be willing to go to Toccoa and photograph them. They would dress up almost like they were getting married, but this time their two girls would be with them. Of course I was on board!

They looked absolutely fabulous and perfectly coordinated! It makes my heart happy that I was able to make one of my very best friend’s dreams come true! Gosh, I really love photographing people who are really in love!

Enjoy scrolling through their anniversary-family session!

If you’re wanting to book an  elopement /anniversary / or family session, you can reach me HERE!

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