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Falls Park Engagement | Tim + Katie

January 26, 2020

Falls Park Engagement | Tim + Katie

Today’s Featured Couple

Featured on the blog today is Tim + Katie. Their love story is better than a Hallmark movie. In fact, I think I’m going to start sending Hallmark love story ideas because I have some great real life inspiration for them. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago I shot this couple’s sweet engagement photos in Falls Park in downtown Greenville, SC. I feel so blessed to have a job that makes me jump with excitement and allows me to meet such cool people all the time. I could not wish for anything more! Before I show you their engagement photos, I have to share with you Tim and Katies love story. It is precious!

Their Love Story

They met in PRESCHOOL and were best friends!  Katie at 6-years-old had the biggest crush on Tim, and Katie’s mother remembers her saying she was going to marry him (how adorable is that!?). Then Katie and and her family moved away when she was little, but she moved back in her late teens. Her mom asked her if she was going to look up her first boyfriend, and…she did! Katie found Tim on Facebook and reached out to him (Thank God for the internet!). They went on their first date in Falls Park about 7 years ago now, and they’ve been together ever since. I asked him what he thought when she messaged him on FB  and he said that he didn’t even remember her from preschool. However, Katie was/is really cute and sweet so he decided to meet her.  When they met for their first date he said they clicked immediately and it was them together from then on.

Spending time with them during their engagement session it is very clear that they have so much in common and are very compatible. They are fun and easy to talk with. I felt like I had known them years not minutes, which is why I am really excited to be shooting their wedding at the Gassaway Mansion this fall!

Congrats Katie + Tim!

I hope you enjoy scrolling through their engagement session!


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